7 July 2017 year
A novelty of the Mykulynetsky currant-flavored drinks.

Redcurrant brings great benefits. It provides the tone of the body, expands blood vessels, cleanses the blood, eliminates inflammation, improves appetite. Blackcurrant berries contain vitamins (vitamins C (up to 400 mg /%, other sources, up to 570 mg /%), B, P, provitamin A), organic acids (citrus and malic), various sugars (mainly glucose and fructose). Therefore, we decided to make a drink with this flavor.

Mykulynets blackcurrant flavored drinks are an original and exclusive beverage. No company produces water with this flavor, but we know that currants are not only a medicinal product but also extremely delicious. After trying our drink, we are sure you will want to try it once more!