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we have been brewing beer since 1457!

the story that goes back
into the gray antiquity

The taste is time tested

On the Ternopil, in the ancient town of Mykulynetsi, on the bank of the river Seret is the brewery of LLC "Mykulynetskyy Brovar". The exact date of founding of the plant is not known, but the first mention of the Mykulyn brewery according to ancient sources dates from 1457. Polish King Olbricht and German Duke Tierran went on a march to the Moldovan economy. King Olbricht stopped in Terebovlya and the German governor in Mikulin. Then Tierran and the King of Poland taste Mykulyn beer. Later, in 1698, the Mikulintsi beer was mentioned, but already in the Austrian archives.

the whole story of Mykulynetsky
Taste that has gone on for ages!

beer - The word itself has a mysterious taste

Each beer is unique
Mykulynets'ke - Its history goes back to ancient times

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