About us

Our brewery, located in the ancient village of Mykulyntsi, brews a large assortment of live unpasteurized beer. We also produce soft drinks and Ukraine's first single malt whiskey.

The water that flows through our healing soils is endowed with nature in all its taste qualities and is used only for technological purposes. Thanks to spring water, environmentally friendly raw materials and high-tech equipment, keeping the old classic brewing scheme (each variety according to its recipe is brewed separately), as well as the professionalism of the employees of LLC “Mykulynetsky Brovar” produces products with extraordinary taste qualities.





We are the only brewery in Ukraine to be awarded the European Business Assembly Diploma and Certificate, Oxford (England, 2006) for high-quality products in accordance with European standards. At present, the capacity of the plant is 1 050 000 decaliters of beer, 1 500 tons of malt per year. The factory produces 16 varieties of beer, among which exclusive products are special types of beer “Elite”, “Higher test”, which are bottled in special bottles with a hinged plug, made in Germany. The pride of the team is a gift variant “Native Ukraine”, which is poured into two-liter siphons, “Medovo” and “Thorn Field” – into five-liter barrels. In company bottles you can taste the following types of beer: “Mykulin”, “Troyan”, “Thorn Field”, “Honey”, “Lager”, “New Year’s”, “Ukrainian” – dark, “Mykulin 900”, “Radler”, Kaltenberg, Koruna Ceska, Barley Wine and Non-Alcoholic. We also suggest you try “Blanche” – a white unfiltered beer.

The company produces 450,000 decaliters of soft drinks a year. Currently, the market is very popular for the highly oxygenated and low carbonated natural table water “Mykulinets Crystal”, which is produced in glass and PET – bottles. Also 7 varieties of sweet “Mykulynetsky drinks” with flavors of lemon, cherry, apple, currant, orange, as well as “Lemonade” and “M-Cola”. Our brew “Brovarsky” gained popularity with consumers.

Products of Mykulinetsky Brovar LLC can be purchased at the stores of each regional center of our country.

Only high quality products!

the first in Ukraine whiskey

The first stage of whiskey production takes place on the same equipment used for brewing beer.

Its production begins with two stages of distillation at two different distillers, which produces the traditional barley alcohol for this drink.

After that, 85 percent of grain alcohol is diluted with prepared water to 65% strength, checked for quality, pumped into special burnt oak barrels and sent to infuse into the basement.

we brew live beer

The main rule of ensuring the stability of beer - compliance with technological regimes and perfect purity at all stages of beer brewing and bottling, controlled by microbiologists who perform tests on modern equipment. The company has indiscriminate wash systems (EPAs) in each shop, which are used to wash equipment using an automatic control system.
The shelf life of "live" beer is determined by various factors. The first is biological resistance, which is determined by the number of microorganisms in beer. Many consumers, from the Soviet era, have become obsolete that beer without pasteurization can be stored for several days.
Previously, most of the equipment at the breweries was made of ferrous metal, which made it very difficult to maintain microbiological purity because its surface did not correspond to the purity of polishing.
In addition, metal adversely affected the taste of beer. At our brewery, all the equipment from food, stainless steel with a smooth surface of known European manufacturers is installed.
Another factor that affects the shelf life is protein-colloidal resistance. As with microorganisms, the higher their content, the shorter the shelf life of the product. Ensuring adherence to technological regimes and perfect purity at all stages of product preparation, we were able to achieve a shelf life of unpasteurized beer 90 days.

non-alcoholic products

Twenty years ago, Mikulinetsky Brewery LLC launched a line for the production of soft drinks.

Their composition plays an important role, so we try to use natural raw materials.

This policy has been laid down from the very beginning of making all the beverages in our company.

Time-tested quality!