9 June 2023 year
10 September 2021 year
18 March 2019 year

The geography of sales of our products is expanding – the first batch of beer Mykulyn arrived in Poland. Now items such as: “Mykulyn Light”, “Mykulyn Camp”, “Mykulyn Medovo” can be purchased at Polish cities of Poznan, Szczecin, Gorzow Wielkopolski. In the near future the assortment will be expanded with some more beers and drinks. […]

27 September 2018 year
Beer Festival 2018

September 13 We noted several important events for us at once: launching a new beer bottling line in the jar; opening of new treatment plants; launch of new CCTs (beer-matured cylindrical-conical tanks) consecration of the enterprise. In addition to the employees of our brewery and subsidiaries, guests from other regions, foreign partners, distributors and their […]

4 September 2018 year
XXI International Beer Contest

On August 8, 2018, the 21st International Beer Competition was held soft drinks, soft drinks, mineral and drinking water, brewery malt. As a result of the jury’s evaluation, our products received 2 grand prizes, 3 gold and 1 silver award: Grand Prix – “Turnovo Field beer” Grand Prix – Beer “Barley Wine” Gold – Beer […]

30 August 2018 year
Export to USA

We are glad to announce that the first Container with our beer has arrived in the USA, today beer can be purchased in Chicago stores, so far there are only two varieties: “Mykulyn Light” and “Mykulyn 900”. The next container will arrive in the middle of September with the water of “Mykulynetsk Crystal”. Expect more […]

22 August 2018 year
Knights Tournament Kaltenberg

Each year, the Knights’ Tournament is held at Kaltenberg Castle. The castle is owned by Prince Lewitpold of Bavaria. Today it is a center for contemporary culinary arts with a contemporary royal atmosphere There is also an active brewery in the cellars of the castle, in which the Royal Breweries were born. One of which […]

22 December 2017 year

Sturdy ale cooked with Belgian malt and horse fermentation yeast. A drink with a rich malt aroma, the taste of wine, a sweet that combines all the flavors of the six types of malt. This is a higher-density warming drink that can be tasted in good company and goes well with desserts.

30 September 2017 year
LLC “Mykulynetsky Brovar” is for the first time in its history recorded in the Book of Records of Ukraine.

LLC “Mykulynetsky Brovar” for the first time in its history is included in the Book of Records of Ukraine. In Ternopil at the gastronomic festival “Sala and Samogon” set a record – made of beer barrels LLC “Mykulynetsky Brovar” made the largest contact bar counter length 40 m 93 cm. “In Ternopil, we registered a […]