27 September 2018 year
Beer Festival 2018

September 13 We noted several important events for us at once:

  • launching a new beer bottling line in the jar;
  • opening of new treatment plants;
  • launch of new CCTs (beer-matured cylindrical-conical tanks)
  • consecration of the enterprise.

In addition to the employees of our brewery and subsidiaries, guests from other regions, foreign partners, distributors and their representatives, Acting Head of the State Highway Agency of Ukraine Slavomir Novak, Chairman of Ternopil Regional State Administration Stepan Barna medals for service to Ukraine of ATO participants, employees of Mykulinetsky Brovar LLC Sergiy Telenchak and Bohdan Radetsky. The best employees of our enterprises were also noted.Відкриттялінії-2 41782933_1418213228282258_6247097268529266688_o 41627542_515057968938675_4501333499545911296_n 41611789_745423195798851_3504300822244622336_o 41694410_745423812465456_191581452939296768_o Відкриттялінії-67 Відкриттялінії-12 Відкриттялінії-71 Відкриттялінії-378 Відкриттялінії-23 Відкриттялінії-21